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Glass Fabric For Walls & Ceilings


Multitude of innovative solutions for walls and ceilings

With a combination of aesthetics and functionality, SYSTEXX products are suitable for an exceptionally wide range of applications. The sophisticated wall and ceiling coverings made of glass stand for both innovation and design diversity: a wide variety of looks can be created by combining different textures and finishing options.

Glass Yarn Fabric - Made from Melted Glass

Pre-Glued - Organic Starch Based Glue

Fire Resistant

Neutral Material - FSSAI Certified

Water Vapor Permeability

Crack Shield

Why Systexx?


Crack Bridging Fabric

More functional than aesthetics. Crack bridging fabric acts as an reinforcement to the walls and does not allow crack to develop.

Self Adhesive

The fabric comes with starch based glue which gets activated on coming in contact with water. Hence no need of messy walls. Achieves the speed of 25 sqm./hr


Designer Finish

As it comes with various patterns, a coat of any kind of emulsion / distemper makes it a designer wall.

Wide Range of Applications

Applicable on raw plastered wall, acotec panels, gypsum boards and AAC blocks


Flawless Rectification