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Intelligent Extrusion

Frontek Intelligent Extrusion

The world’s most advanced porcelain facade system

Frontek is an exclusive piece of extruded double-walled self-ventilated ceramic tile. It is preferred by architects for ventilated façades: high hardness, lightness, high strength and durability, low water absorption, good performance against climatic and environmental agents, and a wide range of aesthetic options.

Frontek Tiles

The Frontek piece is a honeycomb piece resulting from an optimal manufacturing process in which extrusion enhances the value of ceramics as a traditional material for construction. The mixture of elementary raw materials (clays and feldspars) guarantees that the final product is 100% porcelain, which gives the piece the desired technical characteristics.

Frontek tiles xxl

Thermal insulation improvement

increase energy efficiency

Increased energy efficiency


Minimal water absorption

acoustic insulation improvement

Acoustic insulation improvement


Low maintenance cost


Improved planimetry

easy cleaning

Easy to clean

lightweight and durable

Lightweight and durable

Why Frontek?

Extruded Porcelain Tiles

Unparalleled Performance

Extruded porcelain is incredibly strong while being lightweight. The performance against fire, corrosion, and wind is unparalleled.

Save the Planet and Your Wallet

The ventilated facade system controls thermal insulation against extreme heat or cold, yielding energy savings up to 40%.

Ventilated Façade System

In-Field Flexibility. Precision Cuts.

Our innovative design allows panels to be easily cut on-site by a diamond blade. Precision is incredible, keeping durability and strength intact.

Reduces Installation Time

Frontek has developed highly efficient installation systems for all building environments that saves up to 35% on installation and replacement time.

Installation Systems

The Frontek pieces are anchored by means of horizontal aluminium profiles, so that two levels can be differentiated.

The use of different shapes of horizontal profiles allows the exit and entry of pieces at different levels, which provides a volumetric effect that gives the façade a unique singularity.